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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The next morning Shayde had to go to work, but gave me a set of keys so I could come and go as I please from his apartment. First thing I did was wake up and take a run. I just ran all the way down Polk St towards the water, and on the way there was NBD. It was raining but it was pretty warm out so I didn't mind, and there were a few mild uphills and then a few bigger downhills. After about 1.5 miles I turned around to run back... and let me tell you the hills in SF are NOT fucking around. I haven't dealt with running up hills like that since serious high school cross country meets!
After my run I showered and got dressed and got pretty and called Teva to entertain me for a few hours. He suggested we go to a Vietnamese place near where I was staying and get, what he considered to be, the best pho in the country. We went to Turtle Tower and some hot pho was pretty perfect after a run in the rain.

We then walked up to the Mission to find a "cool" coffee shop to hang out in, and on the way there I saw some really cool palm trees and had one of those "wow, guess I'm really in California" moments.

We went to Maxfield's to drink some coffee and do some writing before I had to go get ready for dinner with my college buds.

I then took the bus all by myself back to the Tenderloin, got ready, and then walked to meet my buds David and Jane from college at Domo, a really nice (but a bit pricey) sushi place. I got some "chef's selection" sashimi thing and it was small but super delicious, just like the freshest fish I've ever had.

We then walked a few blocks to Smuggler's Cove, a little tiki-type bar with a practically unmarked door that specializes in crazy rum cocktails. We got fancy drinks and sat right near a waterfall.

After gossiping about college friends and getting a little rum-tipsy we headed back to the Tenderloin to Edinburgh Castle, a cool divey bar where a soul DJ night was happening. Met up with people I know there including Josh and his gf Holly and Teva and Anne Marie. Danced the night away!

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