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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arrived in Detroit!

I made it to my second destination: Detroit! I was a little nervous heading over because I didn't know my hosts too well and had also heard kind of terrible things about Detroit... I mean I know the city is on tough times (R.I.P AUTO INDUSTRY) but I think the rumors I heard about how rough Detroit was were greatly exaggerated... People basically made it sound like the wild west or something, a land of every man for himself.

I got in at 8pm and Chris (of Terrible Twos fame) and Alexis picked me up at the station. They drove me back to their house and they live in a really pretty neighborhood, very picturesque houses. The best part is, they have set me up with an immaculate room to sleep in!

They also own two very adorable black cats named Sheena and Darnell who are just adorable balls of fur. I kind of feel like I should re-name this blog "The Journey of 1000 Cats" because so far I'm meeting some great ones.
On the road I had eaten some gross Taco Bell and my body was not too happy with me. To remedy this Alexis gave me a Honeycrisp Apple, a variety I had never had before. It might be the best apple I had ever eaten.

We're calling tonight an early night, but on my Detroit wishlist for tomorrow is: DRINK A BEER WITH CRAIG OF TERRIBLE TWOS.

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