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Monday, November 1, 2010

Final Road Trip Schedule

I leave for this trip on Friday... freaking FRIDAY... and most likely at 3:15 in the morning! I've finished up my day job (which is weird but good) and now I'm just prepping for my journey. Today I dropped off some laundry, bought some socks and leggings and mascara and charged my digital camera. My bus ticket's been bought and I'm almost ready to go... I'm excited and also really, really, really terrifed.

I've finalized my schedule, and unfortunately I've had to cut out a few cities. A few places I couldn't find anywhere to stay and for a few places I just realized I didn't have time. So here are my updated stops and the tentative dates I'll be there. Again these dates are very tentative... if I get held up somewhere longer than expected it'll, of course, change the dates of the rest of the trip. Anyway:

Columbus, OH -- Nov 5th to Nov 7th
Detroit, MI -- Nov 7th to Nov 9th
Chicago, IL -- Nov 9th to Nov 13th
Milwaukee, WI -- Nov 13th to Nov 16th
Minneapolis, MN -- Nov 16th to Nov 18th
Omaha, NE -- Nov 18th to Nov 20th
Boulder, CO -- Nov 20th to Nov 22nd
Salt Lake City, UT -- Nov 22nd to Nov 24th
Boise, ID -- Nov 24th to Nov 27th
Seattle, WA -- Nov 27th to Nov 29th
Sacramento, CA -- Nov 29th to Dec 1st
San Francisco, CA -- Dec 1st to Dec 3rd
Los Angeles, CA -- Dec 3rd to Dec 6th
Tucson, AZ -- Dec 6th to Dec 8th
Austin, TX -- Dec 8th to Dec 11th
Nashville, TV -- Dec 11th to Dec 14th
Huntstville, AL -- Dec 14th to Dec 16th
Atlanta, GA --Dec 16th to Dec 18th
Charlotte, NC -- Dec 18th to Dec 20th
Raleigh, NC -- Dec 20th to Dec 25th
Richmond, VA -- Dec 26th to Dec 28th
Washington, DC -- Dec 28th to Dec 30th

So come hang out with me, and read about my travels as I go...

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