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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Help in Boise and Des Moines!

As my trip gets closer and closer to happening I've been getting together a list of contacts, basically just hoping to have someone cool to crash with in each city, someone who can show me around and knows where the coolest dive bar is. I've had great success so far everywhere except for Sioux Falls and Boise.

I've basically decided to give up on Sioux Falls, it seems like a dead end... it seems that everyone that used to live there doesn't anymore and blah blah blah, so I'm moving on. But, I still need Boise. Boise seems like the only place that exists between Salt Lake City and Portland, and I don't know, something about it intrigues me. Maybe it's the magical place that will solve everything.

Since I'm giving up on Sioux Falls I thought I'd try for Des Moines. Des Moines seems like a city I've heard of more, so maybe there's slightly more going on there.

Basically, if you know anyone who can show me around in either of these cities, please let me know! I'm a great guest, I promise!

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