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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arriving in Atlanta

I woke up and Ben's house and he took me to get some food at Fido and then dropped me off at the Greyhound station. I was on my way to Atlanta, back to the East Coast, which was kind of bumming me out, as New York was getting closer and my epic trip was drawing to a close.
I made it to the ATL around 9 and Stephanie, a friend of a friend I had never met before, picked me up at the Greyhound station and brought me back to the awesome warehouse space that she lived in with a bunch of other punks.

I settled in and Stephanie got ready and then we went out on the town. The first place she took me was called Star Community Bar, and there was a karaoke night going on. I sang a song, of course, and had some drinks. Then the best thing ever happened: some random dude I had never seen before tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a business card that had the message "Call me in 10 minutes" written on the back of it, and then walked out before I could get a good look at him. Now, I'm sure that it was just a cheesy attempt at a pickup, but I kind of like to pretend he was about to involve me in some crazy film noir bull shit.

The rest of the night got a little crazy. I had heard that Ex Humans and Foster Care were hanging out at The Clermont Lounge, a dive bar/seedy strip club that's also apparently a totally normal place for people to hang out in Atlanta? I had never been to a strip club before and it was a total trip. The strippers were mostly older, unattractive women, and since it was December most of them had some kind of Christmas theme to their outfits. I hung out and talked to friends, and eventually Patrick from Foster Care insisted on buying me a lap dance... so I had that happen.
Eventually, Stephanie and a friend of hers whisked me away to Southern Comfort, a truck stop bar a few miles out of town... it was insane.

Atlanta is weird.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowy-Nashy-Day 2

Woke up the next morning, watched Gran Torino and Hotel For Dogs with Foster Care until it was time for them to take off. Then it was just me and Ben and Bekah, free to spend the day in Nashville, which was about to get hit with a rare snowfall.
Ben and Bekah decided to take me to O'Charley's, a chain that I had never been to. They were all excited about the unlimited rolls. The food was okay, our waiter was kind of crazy.

The rest of the day, is unfortunately undocumented with photos, because I was being bummed over Austin dude and also other reasons, but some cool stuff happened.
We went back to Ben's house and watched HBO for a bit while Ben got his records together because he was DJing at Third Man Records (Jack White's record store) for an in-store performance by Cold War Kids. Third Man does in-stores on the reg and they always record them and release them on a limited-edition 12-inch. I was in Nashville earlier in the year for the recording of the Nobunny Live at Third Man recording. It was pretty fun.
Ben was DJing, and since he's kind of a big deal in Nashville he was able to get me into the VIP for the show. This was no normal VIP... there was a fridge full of booze and a table full of food and people could smoke cigarettes. I don't know if this was just because of the snow, but the VIP was pretty empty, so it was just some photogs and shit hanging out with Jack White.
Cold War Kids played, and I have to admit that I really didn't know that much about them before. I had pretty much only heard that one single in the past, and thought it was fine... but after seeing them live... um.... how do I put this... it was like Cold Play and Maroon 5 had a baby that was kind of indie. Not good, not at all.
But still, it was a pretty cool thing to be at that show, even if I wasn't allowed to take any pictures.
At the end of the night we realized that this woman who was hanging out with Jack White was actually the Elvira (just not in her garb, obvi), and she was there with her very attractive daughter.
After the show we just went back to Ben's and watched movies while the snow fell outside.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nashy Trashy- Day 1

Even though I spent a fair amount of the long bus ride from Austin to Nashville crying and missing Mike in Austin (hey, shut up, I'm lame I know), at least I knew I was heading to one of my favorite places in the country: Nashville, Tennessee. I had gotten to know Nashville through a burgeoning friendship with Ben Todd (of Nashville's Dead) that started when I saw Natural Child at CMJ 2009.
I eventually arrived and Ben took me up and brought me back to Glenn Danzig's House, the cool show house he lives at.

Ben had band practice for D. Watusi so I kind of napped and moped until it was time for the show that was there that night. The show was going to be Ex Humans and Foster Care (who I know from Brooklyn and had run into already in Austin) along with Nashville bands Natural Child, Cy Barkley, and Cannomen.
I wasn't in the best mood, but talking to Patrick from Foster Care about how it's normal to get bummed out on a long trip made me feel better and I started having a bit of fun.

After the show we all hopped in cars and headed out to a Christmas party. It was fun and booze filled and things got a little whacky.

I got tired, along with a few members of Foster Care, and we went back to Glenn Danzig's and ate Burger King onion rings. Good times.

Leaving Austin....

Woke up the morning after the Criaturas show and hung around in bed for a while until it was time to get up and meet Adam at Threadgill's, an old school Austin joint that Janis Joplin supposedly used to frequent. I got a chicken fried pork chop that was pretty gross, but the veggies were good.

After some food and some margaritas, I said goodbye to Adam and went back to Mike's house to "hang out" until it was time for Mike to drive me to the bus station. Mike drove me over at 6pm for my 7pm bus and waited with me inside the station.

I was super bummed to leave him, and my Austin adventure, but it was time to go, and Nahville was next.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Hate Austin- Pt 5

The next morning (or late afternoon) we woke up, and I was supposed to be moving on that day but for some reason that I can't figure out (it can't be liking a boy, I have a cold black heart) I decided to stay one more day so I could see the Criaturas show that night.
The morning started slow, just hanging around the house with Alba and Victor, Mike looking dreamy playing guitar, the usual.

Then the best thing ever happened. Mike decided to make me fucking dinner. I don't know if a dude has ever cooked for me before, definitely not this well. He made us steaks with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus with venison bacon. Um yeah. Best dude ever? I don't like him shut up.

We hung out around the apartment for a bit and Victor borrowed my hairdryer and we watched Cowboy Bebop and I got to hang out with that Mike dude.

Then it was time for the show at Emo's. Some other bands played, but Criaturas were the best duh and I'm not biased or anything. I got to meet some really cool people including Dru (Criatura's singer) and this really awesome gay couple.

Criaturas played and were really awesome. Mike threw a beer and accidentally hit some girl. They raged.

After the show we hung out at the bar for a little before going back to Mike's house for my last night in town... sad face.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Austin is full of jerks-Pt 4

The next morning Mike and I got up and after several days of partying with a great dude I was just craving some vegetables of some sort so Mike took me to some nice Thai place. We ate and talked and then Mike wanted to stop by Guitar Center to get a strobe light for the Criaturas set.
Let me tell you, I love going to Guitar Center. It's just the most ridiculous place in the world... the employees all look like rock stereotypes and everyone there is playing lame songs on guitar and trying to look cool and it is just crazy. I made Mike play a ukulele.

Annnnyway. We acquired the strobe light and I played some keyboards and talked to the dude at the counter about these ridiculous drink holders that hang off your microphone (least punk thing ever, put your fucking beer on the floor). We then went back to Mike's house to hang out there with Alba for a while.

Afterwards he took me to a really schmancy Mexican place. I don't remember the name but they specialize in puffy tacos? Also, they gave me a pink rose and it was pretty. I later told Alba that Mike gave it to me so she could guilt trip Victor. She didn't believe me.

Then we were off to Scoot Inn for a free show sponsored by Sailor Jerry's. It was Rayon Beach and (one of my personal faves) Bad Sports. Both bands sounded good and I got to hang out with Orville and TV's Daniel. Bad Sports really are such pros, they just look like such a rock band when they play. So hottt.

Another great day.