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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Took a long bus ride from LA to Tucson and met some interesting people during my layover in Phoenix. One woman was taking the bus all the way to Florida to introduce her new baby daughter to her grandparents. I talked to a dude who was from Wales but had just spent a year in Australia, and was going to Tucson to see his girlfriend. I asked him if he knew Eddy Current Suppression Ring, he didn't.

Donn, a guy I knew from Terminal Boredom, picked me up at the bus station. The weather was nice. He had this crazy huge van called the Disco Chief.

We went to drop off my bag and I met Donn's wife Rachel. She was kind of eerily similar to me. Her name was Rachel, she was from Westchester, she was Jewish and she loved Douglas Adams, PG Wodehouse, Buffy and Angel. They also have two adorable dogs.

We went to a "cool" area of town and ate some food and then headed over to The Surly Wench, a bar frequented by derby girls, for a show. A shitty hardcore band called The Stripper Killers played first and some girls went crazy for them. Then it was The Besmirchers, who were much better and pretty crazy.

We then went to a fucking Best Western where they were having a crazy karaoke night. I got to meet the legendary Mark Beef and I also got to do some killer singing.

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