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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowy-Nashy-Day 2

Woke up the next morning, watched Gran Torino and Hotel For Dogs with Foster Care until it was time for them to take off. Then it was just me and Ben and Bekah, free to spend the day in Nashville, which was about to get hit with a rare snowfall.
Ben and Bekah decided to take me to O'Charley's, a chain that I had never been to. They were all excited about the unlimited rolls. The food was okay, our waiter was kind of crazy.

The rest of the day, is unfortunately undocumented with photos, because I was being bummed over Austin dude and also other reasons, but some cool stuff happened.
We went back to Ben's house and watched HBO for a bit while Ben got his records together because he was DJing at Third Man Records (Jack White's record store) for an in-store performance by Cold War Kids. Third Man does in-stores on the reg and they always record them and release them on a limited-edition 12-inch. I was in Nashville earlier in the year for the recording of the Nobunny Live at Third Man recording. It was pretty fun.
Ben was DJing, and since he's kind of a big deal in Nashville he was able to get me into the VIP for the show. This was no normal VIP... there was a fridge full of booze and a table full of food and people could smoke cigarettes. I don't know if this was just because of the snow, but the VIP was pretty empty, so it was just some photogs and shit hanging out with Jack White.
Cold War Kids played, and I have to admit that I really didn't know that much about them before. I had pretty much only heard that one single in the past, and thought it was fine... but after seeing them live... um.... how do I put this... it was like Cold Play and Maroon 5 had a baby that was kind of indie. Not good, not at all.
But still, it was a pretty cool thing to be at that show, even if I wasn't allowed to take any pictures.
At the end of the night we realized that this woman who was hanging out with Jack White was actually the Elvira (just not in her garb, obvi), and she was there with her very attractive daughter.
After the show we just went back to Ben's and watched movies while the snow fell outside.

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