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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tucson Tooooooo

The next morning I couldn't help but sleep in, I was tired from busin'.... In the morning I woke up and Donn took me over to his guitarist Bernice's house. There we met up with Bernice and her boyfriend Ivan.

They then took me to one of the craziest tourist attractions in Tucson, Mission San Javier, a really beautiful mission from back in the day.

We then climbed to the top of a cool little crop of rocks. The weather was so beautiful and the sky was so clear. I really wanted to see a roadrunner, but was not so lucky.

We then went to get tacos. Tucson is super close to the Mexican border and is supposed to have great Mexican food so I really wanted to try it out. We went to BK, a taco and Sonoran hot dog place. Everyone but me got a Sonoran hot dog, but I'm a total hot dog snob... I really don't care all that much about New York pizza or bagels, but I really feel weird eating a hot dog outside of New York.

Afterwards Donn and I took a short bikeride into town and did some vintage shopping, which was nice.

We then went back to Bernice's house so Pop Gestapo could practice, and I watched the awesome Tucson sunset and chatted with some bros.

Next we went to Scrappy's, an all ages youth collective, for another hardcore show. Blood Spasm, a way old band with a singer with MS played and told all the young kids to never give up on being punk. It was whatever.

After getting a few drinks and hearing a young band that seemed like their only influence was Real Estate, I was on the Greyhound, waiting for my next adventure.

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