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Monday, December 6, 2010

Coffe Shop Exxxpert

The next morning I woke up at Monty's house and took a shower and stuff and chilled with his puppy. He had some pretty cool art and stuff, and I was pretty amused by his collection of Black Lips plates:

He took me out to a breakfast place, and on the way there I was kind of blown away by how pretty LA is. I always imagined it kind of urban wastelandy but you can see fucking mountains and shit everywhere, pretty much rules.
Breakfast was good, I got an awesome egg white omelet which came with a side of fruit.

Monty then had stuff to do and my buddy Jesse, who I would be staying with for the next two nights, wasn't getting back into town until about 3:30, so he dumped me at The Down Beat Cafe, an Echo Park coffee shop. I was about to order my coffee and settle in to do some writing when I saw a posted sign that said "We do not offer wireless." What the fuck coffee shop, way to be a douche. Really glad that you're a fucking coffee shop and still totally anti-Internet. GOOD BUSINESS MODEL.
So now I was stranded in LA at a shitty coffee shop. I was near Stories, but I had been there the day before, and I definitely didn't want to chill in that Starbucks again, so I used the magic that is a smart phone to look for the location of another coffee place.
I went to Chango Coffee, a few blocks away in Echo Park, that was a pretty nice place, but their Internet wasn't working... So I ventured on about a 15 minute walk up a pretty steep hill to Fix Coffee, a really cute coffee shop nestled into teh side of a hill with a huge porch and stuff. My friend Josh Heller came to visit me and we chatted for a bit.

Jesse ended up being really delayed in getting back from the airport... he was supposed to be back around 4, ended up taking until 7. But he eventually got me and we drove off to go eat some fooood.
He took me to Alegria on Sunset, a really cool Mexican place near his house.

It was nice to see Jesse... he's a friend from New York that moved to LA a few months ago to get serious about his music career. He worked on MIA's "Paper Planes" and has the gold record to prove it!

We were going to go out after but we were both tired and we started watching Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and that was pretty much it... we were in for the night.

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