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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Los Angelessssssss

I got into LA at 9am and my friend Jesse wasn't getting in until the next day so I had to be creative in spending my time. My friends Scott and Rick, from Stranger's Family Band from Florida, had recently moved to LA and they were able to pick me up at the bus station at 11, so I didn't have to wait that long.

They took me in their monster band van to get some much needed food at a small burger and burrito stand in Echo Park. Echo Park was really cool, kind of gritty looking with lots of old looking businesses while still being kind of "hip."
After we ate and walked around a bit Scott had to go to work at the doggie daycare he works at so he dropped me off at Stories, a "cool" coffee shop and bookstore. I needed to get some writing done so I bought a coffee and tried to write... problem was that place had the worst wifi ever and would kick you off every five minutes, so even though I was loathe to do so, I packed up my stuff and ventured down to a Starbucks I had seen down the street... that's how they get you.
The Starbucks was in this crazy place that was a laundramat with a Starbucks, a Subway, a check cashing place and an arcade inside. I even witnessed a drug deal take place at the table next to me. Randomly, Rick was there, so we sat and Interneted together for a few hours until Scott was off work.

Rick and I met up with Scott when he got off work and we went over to their friends' house. There I met Kyle and Tammy and their adorable dog and we chilled for a bit before heading out to dinner.

For dinner we went to Wurstkuche, a crazy awesome sausage place... they had a million different kind of sausages, but I just went with the normal bratwurst... I'm a huge sausage appreciator, but I really just enjoy a really well made basic sausage, no bells and whistles.

We then went to ChaCha Lounge, a "hip" tiki-style bar in Silver Lake. Drinks were pretty cheap and the music was pretty good. They didn't have a DJ booth so the DJ was just set up with his turntables and boxes of 45s in a normal booth, which was weird/cool.

After that it was time to go back to the place I'd be staying for the night. I was staying with Monty (from LAMPS and Wounded Lion, who I had only met briefly once in NY. He had a really great place and poured me a glass of whiskey and introduced me to Sally, the cutest dog ever. She basically just jumped into my lap and wouldn't leave. Monty and I had a nice night, talked about bands and MRR and stuff... and then I went to bed on his couch.

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