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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Jesse and I woke up early on Thursday and it was beautiful out... just sunny and awesome and warm... so we grabbed some egg sandwiches at a divey Mexican place and then headed out into nature... We went to Griffith Park, a park up in the hills, and it was really beautiful... striking views of LA, hiking near the Hollywood sign, etc. We hiked up the mountain and looked at nature and got dehydrated. After we got tired of hiking we headed back down the hill and walked over to the Griffith Observatory. It was kind of crazy at first because there were about 100 grade school kids hanging out on the lawn, but once we got inside it was awesome! They have a little museum about space and the universe and the world we live in and other stuff. They even have a Foucault Pendulum, and who doesn't love a good Foucault Pendulum??? Jesse and I learned all kinds of thing about the sun and the moon and the seasons and the elements.
The coolest thing we saw at the Observatory was a Camera Obscura. I had heard of them before but had never seen one... a dark room that projects an image through a pinhole and a mirror. Man, Jesse and I could probably have kept staring at that for hours. A friendly museum employee saw our interest and told us about it at length, Jesse was very curious about making his own.

We then left and saw a really cool sundial that was super accurate at "telling the time."

Then it was time to do the main event of my Los Angeles trip... go see a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It might be kind of weird, but I'm totally obsessed with Craig... I watch his show whenever possible and I'm obsessed with all his bits. I even waited in line for hours to get him to sign American On Purpose when it came out. He is just the best.

The taping was great! He did my favorite bit, which is of course SECRETARIAT!

I had more fun at the taping than Jesse, but that's to be expected I suppose.
After the taping we got dinner and then went over to Zack and Jamie's house to have a beer before going out. Their house is exactly what I imagined "cool" apartments in LA to look like.

There I got to meet their adorable and sweet kitty who has FIV. :(

Jamie and Jesse and I went out. They were going to take me to The Short Stop, a hipstery bar in Echo Park... but we accidentally ended up at a place next door called Little Joy where there was a crazy hardcore punk show going on. It was definitely kids that looked like they learned how to be punk from a movie, but it was fun. Jesse and Jamie were not into it though...

After the moshing started to get intense we slipped out and went to The Short Stop and danced the night away...
Next stop, Tucson.

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