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Thursday, December 2, 2010

San Christmas-Cisco

I was planning on leaving for on a bus at 9pm that night, but I called Teva to have lunch with me before I started packing up. He suggested we meet at an Indian place called Naan N Curryh that wasn't far from where we were staying. It was a buffet, which I always like because it's fun to try lots of different things. Anne Marie and her buddy Shannon met us there.
After we ate Shannon and Anne Marie said that we should really go look at this giant gingerbread house at the Fairmont Hotel. We walked up there (and I mean up, it was a crazy hill) and the gingerbread house was cool! There's also just something I love about old, fancy hotels, they just have this kind of exciting, classy luxury that you don't see so much in new stuff. This is especially true around the holidays.

We walked around the beautiful hotel and tried to see the famous Tonga Room, but it was closed. Near the Tonga Room there were tons of framed relics from the old days of the Fairmont, including old menus from pre-WWII America.

Next we walked down to Union Square, and even though on this trip I'm not doing so much real touristy stuff, I gotta say that it looked beautiful and awesome all dressed up for the holidays. I may be Jewish, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate some Christmas cheer
We went to the Westin St. Francis and they had a crazy sugar castle. It was another beautiful hotel, but the main reason that we went there was to ride the crazy elevator. They have one of those tower elevators that's all glass and goes up really high really fast and you can see everything. It was awesome.

Back on the street, we came across the Macy's windows that were full of adorable kittens and puppies that were up for adoption. They were all super asleep so I joked that they were dead, TOTALLY JOKING THOUGH, and this guy next to me says (TOTALLY NOT JOKING btw) "nah, they get the dead ones out of there real quick so that the kids don't get scared"!!!!!!!

After that Jamie met up with us and we walked through Union Square to look at the tree and marvel at X-Mas. As a native east-coaster, California Christmas, with the palm trees and whatnot always confuses and delights me.

We then took a detour over to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel to stop in at the famous Harry Denton's Starlight Room and see what it was all about. Now I don't know who Harry Denton is, but there were signs in the hotel that were talking about how legen... wait for it... dary his parties were.

We got there right when it opened but we got some schmancy cocktails and felt like we were high class. Harry Denton wasn't there though so I guess it wasn't really a party :(

I had to run out to make it back to Shayde's, grab my bag and catch my 9pm bus to LA... but had a great time in Sannnnnn! Thanks y'all.

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  1. oh you all look so cute drinking fancy cocktails with matching to-the-left-head-tilts!

    i want to hang out with you and teva and anne-marie!!! life's so unfair, wahhh!!!