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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cisco Disco

The next morning I slept in and then headed a few blocks away to eat a gyro and then chill at Little Bird Coffeehouse to write things and stuff. It was okay, had apparently just opened so it was a little dicey, but not bad.

I went back to Shayde's house, with the intention of chilling out and catching up on my Angel for a couple of hours before the show I was going to, but my plans got foiled when Shayde called to tell me that Brace and my Internet enemy Vinnie would be DJing at Beauty Bar for happy hour. I hopped on the bus and headed over there. This was the 5th Beauty Bar I'd been to so far (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Austin before that...) and it was pretty much the same. Lots of people I had met so far were there and Vinnie was actually really nice to me. I also ran into Dan and got to meet Matt (from The Mantles who was super duper nice.

After some jams and a few beers, I hopped on a bus to head to Thee Parkside to see a "rock show." I got there in the middle of a set by Elvis Christ, a new project with they guys from Nobunny. I only caught a couple of their songs but they sounded good, pretty country.

Thee Parkside seemed like a cool place. There was a back area where mad peeps were hanging out, drinking and smoking cigggggz. Had fun hanging with all the local punnnnnx.

Next up was The Outdoorsmen who were good and loud and way punnnnnk.

Then was King Louie's Missing Monuments. I had never seen King Louie before so that was exciting. Missing Monuments were good, super tight, etc.

Max, an ex-New Yorker, was at the show. I hung out with some cool kids, including David, a guy I apparently met the last time I was in San Fran that I didn't remember at all. Dan was wearing a button that said "DON'T PANIC" and he and I bonded over a little Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, cuz 42 y'all.

Then Shannon and the Clams played, who are always awesome and did not disappoint.

I went back with David to his place in Berkeley, figured I should see other parts of the Bay Area while I was there. We listened to Love and The Troggs and had a great time.

In the morning I made coffee and he made a great breakfast of ham and eggs. I met his roommate Bill who cracked me up with a story about a crazy girl he met in LA from J-Date. She took him to see some dance music, even though he "only likes country and country western."
Before driving me back to San Fran so that he could go surfing, David took me to Indian Rock for a minute, we climbed up it and admired the Bay. I gotta say, Berkeley is really beautiful.

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