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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nashy Trashy- Day 1

Even though I spent a fair amount of the long bus ride from Austin to Nashville crying and missing Mike in Austin (hey, shut up, I'm lame I know), at least I knew I was heading to one of my favorite places in the country: Nashville, Tennessee. I had gotten to know Nashville through a burgeoning friendship with Ben Todd (of Nashville's Dead) that started when I saw Natural Child at CMJ 2009.
I eventually arrived and Ben took me up and brought me back to Glenn Danzig's House, the cool show house he lives at.

Ben had band practice for D. Watusi so I kind of napped and moped until it was time for the show that was there that night. The show was going to be Ex Humans and Foster Care (who I know from Brooklyn and had run into already in Austin) along with Nashville bands Natural Child, Cy Barkley, and Cannomen.
I wasn't in the best mood, but talking to Patrick from Foster Care about how it's normal to get bummed out on a long trip made me feel better and I started having a bit of fun.

After the show we all hopped in cars and headed out to a Christmas party. It was fun and booze filled and things got a little whacky.

I got tired, along with a few members of Foster Care, and we went back to Glenn Danzig's and ate Burger King onion rings. Good times.

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