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Monday, December 13, 2010

Fuck You, Austin- Pt 1

I left Tucson in the middle of the night and headed to El Paso. In El Paso we had to transfer buses to head to Austin. Not too far into Texas all of a sudden our bus got stopped at a Border Control checkpoint and three rowdy US Marshalls charged onto our bus demanding proof of citizenship. I'm no fan of cops and immediately started trying to think if there was anything I could have done wrong that would give these brutish dudes a reason to fuck with me. Never have I been so glad that I don't smoke pot.
Once they were done looking for illegals, they opened the luggage compartment under the bus and let the drug sniffing dogs go wild. After a few minutes one of the Marshalls came back onto the bus and started yelling for someone name Kelly to reveal themselves. After yelling her name a few times, a little scared girl who looked about ten years old stood up and said that she was teh Kelly they were looking for. The Marshalls looked kind of confused and asked for her mom and took tehm off the bus. I was just thinking "man, that mom is a BITCH if she put drugs in her daughter's suitcase" but in a minute the two of them were back on a bus and the correct culprit, a pretty average looking dude who was sitting one row away from me, was removed from the bus and cuffed. Crazy times. Fuck tha police, etc.

In several more hours I made it to Austin. I was planning on staying with a dude I know from Termbo, a guy who went by "Black Mike." I didn't really know much about him other than that he was pretty crude on Terminal Boredom and was open about the fact that he was pretty "hated" by most people. I don't know why I wanted to stay with him, I guess I thought he sounded fun and I was intrigued. After 5 weeks on the road why not get rowdy with some weirdo? Unfortunately he had to work until 11, so after I got off the bus I got picked up by my friend Adam, a music writer I had met at SXSW the year before. He picked me up and brought me to Mike's house.

The three of us went out to grab some food and I had a Mexican Martini, which was basically a margarita with olives in it. After that the three of us went to Adam's house for a bonfire. His roommate Carolyn was there, who I've met before when she was playing in Woven Bones. The bonfire was cool and we drank some beers.

After that Mike and I just went back to his house and we drank some beers and watched some Lady Gaga and Katy Perry youtube videos and just went to sleep. Austin was about to get a lot more fun in the next few days...

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