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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Damnit, Austin- Pt2

The next day I got to meet Mike's roommate (and band mate in Criaturas) as well as Alba, Victor's girlfriend who had just moved to Austin from Barcelona. Also, Mike's turtle Stu, who is apparently the mascot of Clockcleaner.

That day wasn't too exciting. Mike and Victor went to work, I went to Epoch Coffee to do some writing. I walked back to the house from Epoch and had some girl time with Alba, and then we bravely ventured out on our own, two ladies unfamiliar with Austin, to go take a bus to The Grand for a DJ night.

The Grand seemed like an unlikely spot for a DJ night... it was a big, well lit pool hall in the middle of a strip mall, but it turned out to be pretty cool. People were playing pool, and drinking cheap beer, and the DJ was spinning the same type of records that "hip" DJs apparently play at "cool" DJ nights all around the country.
I met some people, including Ryan, Mike's awesome friend who had gotten his ass beaten by some skinheads at a Templars show a few days before.

Eventually Mike and Victor showed up and we drank with them for a while until piling into Mike's car to head back to their place...

I just drank with Mike, and listened to Pink Panzer (a gay white power band) and drank more and fought to stay up and was thoroughly charmed by his gay gothy ways...

Fell asleep sometime around dawn... it was a really, really great time.

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