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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Milwaukee Walkie Talkie

By the time we drove into Milwaukee it was about 7, it was dark and the skyline was pretty. Claire took me first to The Cactus Club where her friend was bartending. We got some beers and a shot.

Claire and I bought a bottle of champers and went to her house to drop off my stuff. I met her two adorable cats Rocker and Lola.

After that we went over to Todd Trikknee's house to chill and drink some beers with Gus, who I met at Silent Barn when he played there with Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones a couple of years ago.

Next stop was Frank's Power Plant for the showwww... everyone there kept saying the show was weird but I didn't really think so. I met a lot of cool people, including Kevin Mistreater (who I had e-mailed with a lot but never met) and saw some bands... The Hussy, Pure Country Gold, The Off-Days... and drank too many beers.

I also was given some of Chuck Norris's energy drink Liquid Ice, which, as the bartender pointed out to me, can also just be called "water."
Claire's friend Davey (pictured above with the 'stache) took us over to his house to chill on his roof... I couldn't go up onto the roof because I have a strict policy of never going onto roofs that are only accessible via ladder.... it gives me a panic attack and is very embarrassing. So I just chilled with Davey's adorable pit bull Frenchie.

This morning I slept in, blogged a little, and then got a real treat... Claire and I went to eat papusas with Kevin Mistreater and his wife and two adorable kids. That baby was so into me.

Tonight we're driving to Madison for a mini-fest!

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