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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Motor City USA

Despite going to sleep at a very reasonable hour on Sunday, yesterday I slept in a little later than I wanted, probably thanks to my swanky room and comfy bed. Luckily, I was up at about the same time as my host (glad I was staying with a punk) so I didn't seem like a lazy slob. After some coffee, Chris's friend Johnny came over to pick us up and we went to the grocery store. The store was awesome, really nice and really niche Mexican... we got some amazing fresh salsa and other ingredients for tacos. Also beer. Chris explained the Bridge Card system to me, it's Detroit's EBT system, and I guess a ton of people in Detroit are on it. His had just gotten filled, hence the grocery spree. We got back to Johnny's house and Johnny made us awesome carne asada tacos.

After eating, Chris and Johnny's friend Brandon came over and we all went to People's Records, a really cool used record store run by Brad from Human Eye. On this trip I'm trying not to buy records but I had fun looking around and chilling with the record store dog.

After the record store we departed to do some touristy things... first we walked around the Heidelberg Project and then we took a stroll along Detroit's River Walk, definitely the closest I've ever been to Canada. The dudes taking me around kept saying it was a great day, I agreed with them.

We then headed over to the GM RenCen to eat at the Coach Insignia a super fancy restaurant on the 72nd floor. We were there for happy hour which had incredible deals... a Kobe beef slider and a beer for $5, a lobster corndog for $4. Everyone laughed at the way I say "caramelized," apparently with a grotesque New York accent. The food was pretty incredible, as were the views of Detroit and Canada.

Nighttime escapades to be posted in a bit...

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