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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 1 cont'd: NIGHT 1

Laura B ordered us some Ohio State Pizza, which is apparently this super sketchy place that is the punchline to tons of jokes. The pizza wasn't bad... it was weird, but not bad. She also took me to a UDF which is basically an Ohio 7-11 I guess? But they make their own ice cream? We bought 5 Hour Energy shots, which I had never had before but worked pretty well. I really needed it since I was feeling way cracked out from the 14 hour bus ride.
Finally, we left for Carabar. I love going to shows in Columbus because since pretty much everybody from Columbus toured to New York or is friends with my buddies Kevin and Tina, I feel like I know like half of the people at any cool show in Columbus. It let me ease my way into this trip... next I'll be in Detroit where I'll know mostly no one, so this is like dipping my feet in the water.
Carabar was cool. Four bands played.

The flier from the show

The Lindsay started out. They were pretty good. Very 90s but catchy and very solid.

Next was The Swimsuit Edition (whose myspace page I can't seem to find). They actually sounded pretty good, like the type of rocking pop with a twee edge I'd usually be into, but everything about their presentation was just too precious... from their outfits/costumes to their song titles ("You're The Boss, Applesauce").

Before Laura's awesome band Day Creeper played, they played the "Batman" theme song with this local homeless guy singing, which is apparently a tradition at Columbus shows. Laura was telling me that this guy recently stopped drinking and got an apartment, so good for him. Day Creeper was great as always, straight forward poppy punk which is always the key to my heart.

Last were the Washington Beach Bums, who were totally a pizza band but I really didn't care cuz they were way fun and just wanted to play some party rock.

Other than that I just hung with Laura B and some of her awesome friends...

Tonight we're going to Skylab to see my Brooklyn bros Pop. 1280 play with Unholy2, Cheater Slicks, Puffy Areolas and more... then I'm off to Detroit...


  1. i have been trying to puzzle this out for days...what is a pizza band?

  2. ha, a pizza band is a rock band that is more focused on partying than song writing... they're not bad though... Personal and the Pizzas would be an example of one...