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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 2: Columbus Parrrrrty

Day 2 started when I slowly woke up around noon, finally shaking the exhaustian from my day of traveling. Laura's sister Kat came over and they took me to The Blue Danube, a regular hotspot for OSU students, known as "The Dube." Laura and I both got pretty decent huevos rancheros and mimosas for $2.50!

When we got back to Laura's house she discovered that the Day Creeper 7inches had arrived from Tic Tac Totally and Kat and I got to help her fold them and put them in their sleeves, while a cute cat watched us.

There was an in-store show at Used Kids Records so Laura and Kat and I headed down there. I love seeing record stores in different cities but I really am not planning to do any record shopping on this trip... no need to weigh myself down, you know? I wish they had stickers though, I love stickers from record stores.

I left the in-store really early for something that's a real treat on this kind of adventure: a homecooked meal. Over the summer I had visited Columbus for a wedding party for my friends Tina and Kevin, and during that time I stayed with Tina's parents, Don and Joan. They invited me over for dinner and we had a great time. Talked about NASCAR and baseball. Don claimed that the Yankees had won 5 world series in a row, the number of consecutive Sprint Cups that Jimmie Johnson might win as of this year. I was SURE they hadn't, but Don was right. It was fun.

The rest of yesterday was great, I have pictures of great bands, but for now I gotta run to eat lunch and hop on a bus!!!

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  1. $2.50 for huevos rancheros AND a mimosa?!
    ohio really is the promised land. i miss you already, can't believe i was out of town for your going away party!!!

    anyways, keep up the entries, i can't wait to read more. see you at the end of december!