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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bacon not Fakin' in Wisconsin

Yesterday was kind of all about food... and after yesterday I don't want to see anything that's not a fresh vegetable for a few days.
The day started when Claire and I went to Honey Pie for brunch. I got a mimosa and Claire got a bloody mary. In New York, mimosas are mostly served in a single serving champagne flute... the one I got at Honey Pie was in a pint glass, also had ice in it, and I've never had ice in a mimosa before. Claire's bloody Mary was intense... on top of the normal veggies, it also had a brussels sprout, a piece of cheese, and a piece of hard sausage in it... crazy.
We also met a cute family of Marquette fans, and their young daughter was adorable.
The food was great. I got a fancy corned beef hash and Claire got a "Honey Pie Benedict" which featured biscuits and homemade sausage instead of an English muffin and canadian bacon. It was really great.
After brunch, Claire and I made a quick stop at an Aveda salon to take care of some bizniz and met the nicest stylist ever.
Then I headed home to do some writing and watch the NASCAR race... it was the penultimate race of the season so very very very exciting. My boyz at Joe Gibbs Racing were up front for most of the race... and even though Kyle Busch is my guy, I really want Denny Hamlin to beat out Jimmie Johnson for the Sprint Cup this year, so I've been rooting for him hard... in the end, gas mileage bullshit ended up setting them back, tragic. Also, FUCK CARL EDWARDS.
After the race I headed over to Frank's Power Plant to meet up with Claire and some of her friends. This is where I encountered the BaconMosa... a big mimosa in a pint glass with ice and a slice of bacon sticking out. I kind of reluctantly tried one, but it was not bad.
bacon 001
At that bar I talked to one of Claire's friends, a big burly dude everyone calls Plumber, and told him that I noticed that there's a gym on almost every block in Milwaukee... he told me that in the winter people never do anything at all, so a lot of people just go to the gym. He snowboards. I could not live somewhere so cold.
bacon 002
After that Claire took me to Comet, a restaurant our friend Aaron works at that was once on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. One of their gimmicks is that on Sundays they give you a free basket of bacon if you order a beer. Yes a BASKET OF BACON. It was awesome, but the human body was not intended to eat that much bacon. I also got the meatloaf, which is one of the specialties there. It came with awesome mustard greens. Claire's friend Becky and her roommate Geoff came with us. Aaron tried to give us all free desert, but there was no way I was gonna eat some pie after that meal, or really, there was no way I was going to eat anything ever again.
bacon 003
bacon 004
bacon 005
There was a show later that night that was awesome, that I'll have to write about in a bit....

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