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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Final Day in Omaha!

Woke up at Boogs's house the next day and chilled out while he went to class, had some important Angel to watch.
When Boogs got back we went to Worker's Takeout, a cool sandwich shop that some punnnxxx work at. On the way over Boogs and I had a meaningful conversation about Communism, well mostly just about how when you're a young punk Communism always seems really cool until it's not.
After lunch we picked up some groceries so I could make the boyz some mac 'n cheese, and then we headed over to Noah's house to hang out with Monster and Carl Sagan during band practice...

After The Yuppies practiced, everyone decided to head to West Omaha to take all the dawgz to run around in the dog park. It was very cute, fun to watch the dogs go crazy and run around with other dogs. Imagine if you never saw any other humans except for once in a while at a designated place like that? You'd probably go crazy too... but I guess that's just called "a bar."

After the dog park I made everyone some mac 'n cheese which was a huge hit... fontina, cheddar, parmigana, caramelized onions and peas.

We then headed to the show at The Sandbox, a cool DIY venue. Two bands played... first was Snake Island, a kind of surfy outfit, and then was The Yuppies, who are awwwwesome. They played kind of a psychy droned out set this time. The event was a painting thing, and there were blank canvases and a bunch of paints around and everyone was just hanging and painting...

My bus to Denver was at 2:30am so I had to rush over to the station after the show. I was so sad to say goodbye to Omaha, and all the incredible people I met there. I'll miss Mike, Boogs, David, Noah, and Kevin most of all.

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