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Friday, November 19, 2010

Oma-hayyyyyyyyy Girl hayyyyyy

Boogs had a class at collllege (I'm so olllld) so he dropped me off at a coffee shop to hit some wi-fi and chill out. On the way to the coffee place Boogs played me a cool tape by The Prairies, a band that Noah from The Yuppies is in... they were good and the tape has a cool design... you should buy it.

After he got out of class Boogs took me on a tour of the sights of Omaha. We hit the Old Market, a really pretty historic area of Omaha with cool shops and stuff. We went to this cool vintage store in a weird loft area type space. I got a ridiculous dress with blue sequins all over it but Boogs said I should probably wear it on New Year's Eve... it's really crazy but hey, I live in Brooklyn, you know?

We went into this cool gallery with some pics of naked peeps and also some zodiac head statues in the court yard. Very "art."

We then went to meet up with some friends at Antiquarium Records, a really cool record store in Omaha. I'm not really buying any records on this trip, but this store probably had the most stuff I really wanted to buy... like the "Tourists" single by The Freeze, among other things. They also had really really really cheap used LPs. I saw a Beachniks single which made me miss home.

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