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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It was a 7.5 hour bus ride from Milwaukee to Minneapolis, but I'm actually starting to kind of like my bus rides... nothing bad has happened so far, and the bus rides are my only real time to myself on this trip.
My friend Veronica moved out of Brooklyn to save some money and live with her sister in Minneapolis for a few months, so she offered to let me stay with them when I was in town. Veronica picked me up from the Greyhound station and took me to get some food and a beer at a local punk/vegan spot called The Triple Rock Social Club. I got mac & cheese and a side salad, and Veronica got a vegan "chef's choice," where the chef gave her whatever he felt like, as long as it was vegan. She also got a bloody mary (I got a beer) but in the Midwest the maries come with "beer chasers."
minne-p 010
minne-p 011
Then we went back to Veronica's sister's house and I met her dog Choco, a Havanese who is an ultimate cutie. The apartment is really nice and in a nice area that is actually just outside of actual Minneapolis.
minne-p 012
minne-p 013
We eventually left and went to Uptown Minneapolis to meet up with two members of a band that had stayed with me at Silent Barn once, The Sleaze, Joe and Will. When we got there, they were there with two awesome ladies, Natalie and Mackenzie. We hung out with them and drank some beerz. Eventually, we started playing Scatergories, which was way more fun than I thought it would be. My favorite entry: a "Sticky Thing" that begins with P: "Porn Mag."
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Also, did I tell you that Veronica and her sister Laura have a parrot named Cota who is 25 years old and has been in their family the whole night? It's kind of weird staying with a parrot, they're noisier than I realized.
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