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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of Milwaukee!

Okay, so finally... after Comet everyone was basically in a food coma, so I ended up walking over to Cactus Club by myself to see the show... I wanted to get there on time because I was gonna get to see a bunch of my buds from Nashville. That's really one of the best things about this "music" thing... you can run into people you know in weird places all over the country, cuz every one's on tour all the time.
So I hoofed it over to Cactus (and was proud of myself for figuring out the way) to hang with my sweet bros from Pujol and Turbo Fruits, two awesome bands from Nashville that are on tour together. It was great to just see some friendly faces! Also, it was Sean's (guitarist of Pujol) 20th birthday!
bacon 006
bacon 007
The show was good. Irma Vep played, they're my friend Aaron's band and they are currently a two piece playing really poppy garagey songs. They have only played two shows and are soon to have a second guitarist/mini-Casio player and I think their songs will really benefit from that.
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The next band was The Spectras, a fairly new super group of ladies from other awesome bands including Plexi 3 and The Cave Weddings. They were awesome, really rocking and catchy songs and very charismatic stage presence.
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And then Pujol and Turbo Fruits played and they both sounded great. A ton of people bought Pujol merch and I was happy. Sean played his special birthday guitar solo.
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The next day I just headed out to Minneapolis, and Minnesota has been cool so far... I'll tell you about that later, now I gotta go out and do shit.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up! Hope you had a good rest of your tour. Next time you are in town The Spectras would love to play Scattergories! ;]