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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 1: So far so good!

Last night I threw myself a small going away party at Daddy's in Brooklyn and left the bar at 1:30am to take a cab to the Port Authority to catch my first bus of the trip. I arrived around 2am and it was super sketchy, just people passed out, everyone looked pretty down on their luck... but what can you do?
The bus departed at 3:15am and went through Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV before meandering its way to my first destination: Columbus, OH. The whole trip took around 14 hours.
One thing I've been pretty worried about for this trip is food... I have no desire to subsist for 2 months on french fries and hamburgers... but today went pretty well. At an early pit stop I grabbed some ham and crackers... and even though it wasn't the best thing, at least it was recognizable food. In Pittsburgh I got a pretty basic green salad with a hard boiled egg on it... and after being on the bus for 8 hours it felt good to shove a pile of greens into my mouth.
Eventually, around 5:20pm I arrived in Columbus and my friend Laura B picked me up at the bus station. Here's some pixxx from my first day...

Columbus Greyhound Station

Crazy/nice crustie guy I met who asked me for change. When I asked to take his picture he said "Hold on! I need to drink some whiskey first!" Good dude.

The Lovely Laura B who is letting me stay in her lovely house for a few days

Laura B's catzzzz

Later tonight Laura will be taking me to a show at Carabar where her sweet band Day Creeper is playing. I am now showered and smell less like "smelly bus" than I did a few hours ago, so I'm looking forward to the night!

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  1. rachelscoleman! sorry i missed your farewell gala. this bus tour is an awesome idea, im glad you're blogging it.

    you know, columbus ohio is the weirdliest big city in america? here are some cities that columbus is bigger than: cleveland, cincinnati, pittsburgh, st. louis, boston, miami, baltimore, washington dc, atlanta, denver, minneapolis.