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Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Omzzzzz

After Antiquarium, I went with Boogs, Mike, Noah, Kevin and Jeff to California Tacos And More, a local Omaha restaurant that also marked my second Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives restaurant. Apparently on Thursdays they have a special on tacos and beer, so we did some of that. Their special is the "California Taco," which is in a deep fried flour tortilla. It was pretty good but maybe not awesome.

Boogs had to head to his job after that so I was left at the mercy of Kevin, Mike and Noah. We went back Mike and Kevin's and I got to meet Kevin's insanely hyper dog Maude and she was allll up in my shit.

After chilling and laughing and listening to records for a while we decided what we realllly wanted was to make some mimosas and watch some sketch comedy. We trekked over to a grocery store and grabbed two bottles of the cheapest champagne we could find... well, joke was on us, we had grabbed "alcohol removed" champers by accident, but luckily the clerk pointed this out to us before we bought it.
Back at Kevin and Mike's house, mimosas made, we watched some Kids In The Hall and Mr. Show. It was awesome... I was supposed to leave at 2:30am the next morning, but was having such a good time in Omaha I decided to stay a day longer and keep chilling with my new budzzzz.

Tons of other people came over and Maude got really into getting drunk. We partied until pretty late and then I passed out at Boogs's house, ready to hang another day...


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