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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving is obviously an awkward time to be on the road. I've actually never spent a Thanksgiving away from my family, so that was kind of weird to me, but I was really THANKFUL to Melissa for letting me spend the big T-Day with her family right outside of Sacramento.
We all woke up early to cook things to bring with us. I made some brussels sprouts with bacon and red onions, Melissa made a veggie lasagna and a turducken. We loaded up in the car and headed towards her grand mother's house.
I had a great time! Melissa's family was super nice to me and all the food was great. Her niece Abby is totally adorable and a total diva.

After we ate I watched Toy Story 3 with the younger kids... man, that movie is pretty dark! There's a moment where all the toys come to terms with dying and accept their fate and hold hands solemnly! Crazy!
We then went on a walk, it was nice out and there was a dog.

The next morning I boarded a bus to San Fran... Thanks for being great hosts Rick & Melissa!

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