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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lucky Sacky

Woke up on the second day and tried to do some blogging... I was crashing in a room that belonged to Kyle (of Ganglians fame), but he was off on tour so I had the thing to myself. I eventually made it downstairs and DJ Rick was chilling there, watching some TeeVee, and we decided to go get some late breakfast.
He took me to Black Bear Diner which is some regional chain... like a frontier version of Cracker Barrel kind of? I got ham and eggs and the ham was ridic.

Then Rick took me around to some touristy stuff, Old Sac was cool (and sounds funny), then we stopped at some "hip" coffee shop and met some very young punks that Rick knew outside.

Rick then told me he had the perfect place to show me so we hopped in his car and drove out. Rick was a great person to stay with because he's an obsessive information sponge and just knows things and everything, especially California. In the car ride he told me all about California history (especially relating to touring bands) and a crazy story about shows he booked for Dead Moon and Elliot Smith's old band Heat Miser when he just a young lad in college.
We eventually got to Locke, an old Chinese town a little bit outside of Sacramento. People still live there but it pretty much looks like a weird ghost town. There were a bunch of cats everywhere and they even have a bar called All The Wops that was unfortunately closed while we were there, but I got to ride a dragon.

After Locke we headed back to Rick's place to see Melissa/hang with the cats/watch HGTV before hitting a grocery store to shop for Thanksgiving things. Man, I had heard rumors about California produce but never really took it too seriously... ummmm... it's insane. Vegetables just look different in California, make New York veggies look gross!

After shopping, Rick and Melissa insisted on taking me to their favorite pho place, Pho Saigon. I actually had never had pho before, I guess it's not really common in New York, but apparently there are a ton of Vietnamese restaurants in Sac. The Pho was good.

We then went to pick up Andrew at the random weird record store he works at... the kind of place that sells things like Taylor Swift records on vinyl and weird/fancy beer bongs.

We then embarked on part 2 of DJ Rick's Great Dive Bar Tour 2k10. We drove around to a bunch of places, a few were closed for the holiday, and one (The Swiss Buda) was closed for a private 40th birthday party (which we were very bummed not to be invited to).
We did get into a few notable ones. The first one was The Cinch and it was pretty much just grossss and kind of scary. Andrew had half a burrito and all the weirdos at the bar were giving him a hard time about not sharing it with them...

Second was The Trap, apparently one of the oldest dives in Sacramento. It was a total hole in the wall and had really nice staff and didn't serve liquor. It seemed like most of the regulars were just pissing off the bartender and he was happy to talk to us.

Last was On The Y, a pretty authentic metal bar that was playing cool music and was pretty full for Wednesday night.

Then it was home to rest up to give some thannnnnxxxx.

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