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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boulder???? I barely know her!!!

After a pretty uneventful ride on the bus I ended up in Denver, Colorado around 11am. My brother Noah picked me up at the bus station and we drove back to Boulder together. My brother is 21 and we get along well but we're very different... he's into bluegrass and funk and jam bands and snowboarding.. and I'm not. In the car on the way back the only thing we could agree on was some old Less Than Jake.

We drove back to Boulder and met up with my aunt Merrin and my cousin Grace to have brunch at Walnut Cafe. I got huevos rancheros. They played some Teenage Fanclub, it was cool.

After brunch we just went back to my brother's house and hung out with some of his friends while watching a bunch of eps of Gang Wars on TV. Eventually, it was time to go out for dinner with my uncle Charlie and his new wife Lira. We went to Ted's Montana Grill and it was pretty awesome... I got a bison steak with asparagus and green beans, it ruled. Nice to see the fam.

After dinner my brother and I went back to his place to try to decide what we were going to do with our night. I had been to Boulder many times before (because of family there) and really had never found anything as far as garage or punk and wasn't too optimistic... and my brother sure didn't know about anything.
I talked on the phone to my friend David who I was going to be staying with in Salt Lake City the next day, and he told me that Circle Pit, the awesome Austrailian band, was playing that night in Boulder, so I looked up the adress of the venue and convinced my brother that we should go. He had never heard of the venue and was curious to see what was going on.
We pulled up to Astro Land, a hole-in-the-wall DIY spot off the beaten path in Boulder. I was super psyched to find some cool punnnnx in this hippie wasteland... my brother walked in and said to me, "Whoah, it's just like being at Silent Barn!" and it kind of was.

I approached the guy who seemed to be running the show and talked to him. He told me about his band School Knights and told me that Astro Land was only about a year old. I was just so excited to find a cool DIY punk show and people that I could talk to about music and stuff, it was a really cool show.

Some bands played who I can't remember, but then an awwwwesome band called Lust Cats of the Gutters played and really blew me away. They were a girl two-piece and just played angry, loud, raging punnnnk rock, which I always appreciate. They have promised to send me an mp3 I can post soon!

After Lust Cats was the main event, CIRCLE PIT! It was pretty nice just to see those guys, since last time I saw them was in New York. They played and sounded really great, but unfortunately the PA overheated (too much roccccck) and I had to leave so my brother wouldn't have to drive back to his neighborhood too late. Really great, really fun show though. So glad there's something like that in Boulder!

After the show my brother dropped his car off at home and we walked over to his friend's house where we drank some whiskey and I finally met his on-again-off-again girlfriend. NO OFFENSE to my bro, but I got a little overwhelmed by the bro-ness and walked home and went to bed pretty early.

Overall I had a really great time in Colorado, better than expected. The next morning I was off on the Greyhound again to Salt Lake City!

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