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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Motor City Part 2

After dinner our party crew departed in search of fun. Our first stop was the Magic Stick, a crazy venue/bowling alley/bar/pizza place.... and not like the way Brooklyn Bowl is a bowling alley that sells booze and food and has the occasional show, just all those things under one roof, like some weird New Roc City or something. The pizza place inside is called "Sgt. Pepperoni's."
We got drinks and sat around and talked. There was some kind of weird bowling event inside (the AMA semi-annual bowlathon???) and we stole some of their free pizza. It was pretty good for bowling alley pizza. Some crazy kids with neon shirts asked us to pose in front of a car for their marketing class? We did it. There was Autotune Karaoke going on? As you know, I can never turn down the chance to do karaoke, so I did a song alone, which was fine, but the autotune hid my beautiful voice! I did another song with Johnny and we had a great time.

After the karaoke was over we stopped across the street at Union Street where Chris and Alexis had a friend who was bartending. She made us about a million horchata shots, they tasted like cinnamon milkshakes. It was one of those "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER LETS BE FRIENDS FOREVER" nights.

We eventually headed over to the Lager House, a venue that Chris recently started booking at, to catch the tale end of a performance by Eddie Spaghetti, that dude from that one band, though I kind of wish it was Freddy Spaghetti instead.

I was initially really nervous about Detroit but it ended up being such a great time, all the people I met were so open to showing me around and getting to know me. My first two stops have been incredible, I'm nervous about the first place I go that doesn't go so well... but I guess that's part of the point of this whole thing.

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