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Friday, November 26, 2010


After my long bus ride, I ended up in Sacramento around 9pm. I was gettting picked up by my friend DJ Rick, of Terminal Boredom fame, and I had never met him before so I was a little worried I'd miss him, but he grabbed me in his white boxy car and we were off.
He took me to a taco place, but I wasn't hungry since I ate some ill-advised Burger King during my bus trip from hell. After he had a few tacos and I had a beer we were off to a house show!

The show featured a few punnnnk bands including Hot Face from Portland and Religious Proteins and Stimulus from Sacramento (BLOGGING HAS GOTTEN VERY HARD THANKS TO THE "NEW" MYSPACE AND I AM VERY UPSET ABOUT IT).
The house was cool and had this home-made hot tub thingie in the backyard. It was way too small for a show though and I really couldn't see anyone in any of the bands during the show. I did, however, get to meet Andrew and Liz from G. Green, who I had interacted with on the internet but never in real life. Also, Ben Greenberg (of Pygmy Shrews and Zs fame) was there for some reason, but I was really tired and dillusional from the bus and had trouble having a conversation with him. Oops!

After the show was over Andrew and I piled into Rick's car and we stopped by his house to pick up his lovely lady Melissa, and then we headed out to a bar that Rick promised us we'd be impressed with.
The first stop was The Pied Piper, a total divey hole-in-the-wall which was awesome. I bought the first round: 2 Bud Lights, 2 shots of Jim Beam and a rum and Coke all for $12!!! Crazy, also, you could smoke inside, which apparently is only possible if the bar has fewer than 7 employees and they're all related? Anyway, it was a cool place.

After hanging for a few rounds we went back to Rick's place and I got to meet his adorable cats: Tulu, Ree Ree and Bo...

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