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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Woke up early for my last day in Minneapolis and Veronica and I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians while we were getting ready. We drove past The Walker so I could see the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry, which was pretty cool to see up close.

Then I was off to the trusty Greyhound to head to Omaha, my next destination. During this trip I've tried to spend as much time as possible looking out the window on the bus, seeing this "country" we "live" in. Most of the trip this time around was driving across Iowa, lots of farms and stuff.
For our "meal break" we stopped at the Mason City Airport, which was maybe the coolest thing I've seen so far on this trip. It was the tiniest little thing that could possibly be referred to as an airport. The restaurant inside was a tiny little place and offered such fare as fried chicken gizzards and Indian Tacos. I asked them if they could make me a green salad (not on the menu) and they agreed. Of course, when I got the salad it featured both ham and bacon and two types of cheeses. I think they may have been trying to scare the Jewish out of me.

Took the bus the rest of the way across Iowa and arrived in Omaha, NE. A friend of my friend Kevin, Jack, also known as "Boogs," picked me up at the bus station. He plays in this band called the Yuppies and is a cool dude. He grabbed me and we went over to his friend Erin's house to have some beerz.

Boogs and I then went over to his bandmate Noah's house for another bandmate, Jeff's, birthday party. There were lots of dudes there drinking lots of beers and I was really tired from the bus so I kind of just sat around and took everything in. Guys were super cool but made me feel like an old lady cuz they madddd young. They had two cute dogs, Monster and Carl Sagan. I'm not used to hanging out with huge dogs like that!

I was really glad to sleep at Boogs's house and wake up the next morning and take a long shower. Once I was all dressed and shit I was very happy to find out that Boogs was making me breakfast... he made potatoes with onions and asparagus, very good and healthy breakfast, got me going.

While we were eating/getting ready, Boogs played me this awesome old Omaha band, The Better Beatles, a band from 1981 that did crazy synthy covers of Beatles songs... and everyone should know by now how much I love the Beatles, so something like that was awesome. Would love to buy that album on vinyl...

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