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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Columbus, the end!

Joan dropped me off back at Laura's house and Laura and I got pretty before heading out to Skylab, a local gallery/DIY venue, to see the crazy show there. On the way we picked up her friends Aaron and Chris... Aaron plays guitar in Day Creeper. We thought we were getting to the show kind of on the late side, we had the intention of missing a few of the bands... the bill was packed with seven bands, and it's always hard to sit through that many.
Unfortunately, we didn't miss any bands, we got there just as the first act, Ryan Jewell's experimental drum thingie, was starting. They were good, Ryan is a monster on the drums and just takes them to the next level, he kept diving into the bag next to his kit, mid-song, to grab a new pair of sticks, or a weird prop, to make new soundz.
My bros Ian and Caleb of Pop. 1280 were in town to play so it was awesome to hang with them. Also hung out with one of my fave Columbus buds, Gary from the Guinea Worms, he told me that we're buds because of the Jewish connection, that's cool with me. And of course there was Lutzgo, the charismatic party animal frontman of Unholy 2.
The show was good: Fey Gods sounded good, Funerals were out of place and weird, Cheater Slicks sounded great and they're legends so you know how it is. I thought Pop. 1280 played a great show but the room had kind of cleared out after the Slicks unfortunately. Puffy Areolas sounded pretty good but it was strange because they only had a fraction of the lineup I have seen them with before, though Damon was awesome as always.
I love going to shows and parties on the same day the clocks change... there's always weird confusion and uncertainty and drunk people get confused when you try to tell them what time it is... but the time change caused a fair amont of chaos. In Columbus bars close at 2am, the same time the clock falls back, and some bars closed at the first 2, some closed at the second 2, people from the show were searching franctically for a bar that would still serve. Gary eventually found one and brought back 24 Miller Lites, the hero of the show!
I had a great time but by the time Unholy2 played Laura and I were too tired to wait around so we gathered our band of travelers and headed home. One drunk member of our party was nervous that his girlfriend was mad at him for being out too late so he insisted on getting the Taco Bell Party Box, 12 hard tacos for $10, to bring home to her so that she wouldn't be mad. I wonder how that turned out.

Posting this from Detroit, wish me luck on my next leg!

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