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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Minne-"there's an app for that"-oplis

After my night of Scatergories/day of bus riding I was starting to feel like I was coming down with a cold, so Veronica let me sleep in a bit the next day. When I finally woke up I had a Brueggers Bagel, which I hadn't had since I was at nerd camp in Bethlehem, PA in 1998. It was pretty good. We then departed to St. Paul to go vintage shopping. The first store we went to was called Lula and was a really cute place that looked like every piece of clothing had been handpicked by the owner. I got a great long sleeved dress and Veronica got an awesome sweater.

After that Veronica's sister dropped us off at a tourist-must: The Mall of America. The Mall of America is something that I learned about in grade school but never imagined actually seeing, so it was weird being there. It's pretty big I guess.

It was funny getting "dropped off at the mall, which is such a staple high school activity. I felt like Veronica and I were trying to flirt with those cute boys from our geometry class or something, Veronica even joked that Laura shouldn't drop us too close to the entrance to avoid embarrassing us.
Inside, the mall doesn't really look all that impressive... it looks like a mall.. when you're walking through the stores you can't really tell how big it is, even though I'm sure it's huge. The one thing that is impressive is the massive amusment park inside, roller coaster and all. Veronica and I were going to go on the swings but it was pretty expensive and seemed like a waste.

What was not a waste was the time we spent in the American Girl store. Most girls who grew up in the 90s had an American Girl doll... I had Molly, the WWII era gal with braided pigtails and glasses, and even had outfits that matched her outfits. I also got Addy, the escaped slave doll. Well... now they have Rebecca, a Russian Jew growing up 1914 New York City! Why couldn't they have had a Jewish doll when I was growing up... She has a Chanukah outfit that comes with a menorah, and her school lunch comes with a bagel and pickles! I missed out!

We did some more shopping (gotta hit Claire's if ur in a mall, duh) and then we went to Nordstrom because Veronica wanted to get some cruelty-free makeup. This bleach-blonde "hip" looking woman flagged us down and put makeup on Veronica while talking to us about the Lower East Side and stuff.

We went back to Veronica's apartment and worked out for a bit... Veronica taught me how to do some weight stuff, which I've been meaning to do anyway... and then ate dinner and got dressed to go out.
We were supposed to meet up with our buds from the night before, but that didn't pan out, so we just kind of poked around the old trusty internet, trying to figure out bar in Minneapolis the "cool kids" might be at.
We had a few options we were deciding between, but in the end of we chose Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge, so we hopped in the car and drove over. It turned out, that we made the right choice, and totally by accident we had found the craziest party of the night in Minneapolis. The bar was moving to a new location and this was their last night open... as a result, "everything liquid" was $2, and the place was packed... we actually had to wait in line to get in!

We had a lot of fun and the people at the bar were super friendly and just wanted to chat. Everyone was in a good mood and Veronica and I looked great. Towards the end of the night people started getting pretty sloppy, and when Veronica and I tried to slip into the bathroom to write the standard "Riot Grrl Is In You" graffiti on the wall, Veronica managed to warn me just in time to escape getting nailed by a girl's projectile vomit... true story.
Honestly, Minneapolis was great. Probably my favorite city so far. It was just full of exclusively good vibes and was cute and fun. I'd love to live there if it wasn't so cold in the winter!

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  1. the mall of america always makes me think of Drop Dead Gorgeous

    remember that movie?

    keep up the good vibes. miss you!